Incentive trips

…to have more motivated and loyal people who turn from being “just employees” to being “your people”

Incentive trip . Easy and straightforward perfect. You award your people, they in turn award you with their service, loyalty a undying motivation. Change your office chair for a nice heated seat on a chair lift heading towards the greatest adventure of your life. Down the hill on skis or piggybacking on a paraglide jump? Sipping aperol spritz in a hot bubbling whirlpool and watching sunset… doesn’t it sound good?

Wearing your trekking shoes, emails forwared, phone in camera mode only – this is the way to go. Go and discover, go and see, go and experience – all the world has to offer. Let is be the ancient sites of Romans, Aztecs, Maya, a walk inside that almost perfectly preserved house of love in Pompeii, tea that just can’t get any better. Where? / you might wonder. In Sri Lanka is the answer. Go and allow yourself to forget about the daily stress, allow yourself to feel the present moment. Allow yourself to smell the air, taste the food and just seize the opportunity. Whether it’s the Alps, Dolomites, Andalusia, Mexico, Napoly, Sri Lanka, or anywhere else, the adventure will be perfect.

Soccer fan? How about witnessing the mind-blowing soccer match in the heart of Italy? Naples fans are just the greatest!

Your welcome.

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