Da Vinci Code

Perfectly detailed oriented, easy going but smart, interesting and breathtaking teambuilding, prepared for that particular time and place for people who hate teambuilding. Result? Let me quote: “Whooooww, amazing! I’ve never experienced anything like this. Simply the best teambuilding in the world!” And this came from notoriously annoying people, you know, the kind you can never please.” So… were we happy or were we happy? We were delighted. You know the feeling when you put your heart and soul into something and then you’re waiting for the verdict? Well, this was it. And you know what else? I was hooked – immediately. Don’t you love when things go the way you really, I mean really want them to go? You get my point.
So, what did we do? We packed our backpacks and set on the trail. Walked the city and its surroundings up and down, right and left, all over. With one goal in mind – get to know what we can to be able to use this and that to make the end result fantastic. Combining place, people, theme of the conference in such a way that would create an enjoyable ride for everyone. We sent the athletes up the mountain, the ladies to the coffee shops and those thirsty for adventure to the cemetery. They loved it. It was smart, it was witty, it was athletic, it was the type of a teambuilding that you want for your people. It evolved around the Da Vinci code with all it entails. Secrets, mystery, ideas, attitude… you name it.
All we need is the 4Ps: People, Place, Philosophy and Passion.

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