Sri Lanka

Getting a trip to Sri Lanka as an incentive for your hard work? Oh, yeah!! What a splendid idea! Besides curry with rice, you’ll get to eat another type of curry with  rice and yet, another. But whatever you taste, you can be damn sure, the food is delicious. Even if you have to eat it with your bare hands. Don’t panic just yet! Sink and a soap are part of every restaurant. So relax and enjoy. Taking a ride in a famous tuk-tuk, in which your normal height seems to be a bit too oversized is considered ok. People are incredibly nice, baby elephants cute as can be and even when an adult elephants tries to steal your camera, purse or anything in your vehicle, you’ll just laugh and take a pic with this majestic animal. Drinking tea in Sri Lanka is a must. But don’t you dare ask for milk in your tea. You’ll get the “oh-so-you-think-you-know-how-to-drink-tea.-Hell-no” look and you actually realize that plain tea freshly processed from the freshest greens, about ten minutes before you arrived is a delicious cup of a fantastic flavorful tea. Oh, yum. And Oh, Sri Lanka. There’s no way around it, you just need to experience it. Whow.    

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